Daring Faith Campaign

What is Daring Faith?

Daring Faith is a church-wide campaign to help us grow in our faith like never before, both individually and as a church. This is THE time to unite our church around a common study and focus, and to spark a new season of the excitement and spiritual growth.

Daring Faith is:

  • A pathway to help us mature in our faith.
  • A process to help us give by faith.
  • An opportunity for us live by faith.

Daring Faith Study Guides
daring-faith-study-guideDuring the Fall of 2016 our church leadership challenged us to set new goals and live with a newfound sense of purpose.  Read about the Daring Faith commitment, and use this study as your personal guide.

Please join River Club Church’s story, and be part of this amazing journey.

Daring Faith study guides are available from the church office for $5.  There is also a video message series for you to follow during the six week study.